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Halo mini Illuminated Pet Colla

Halo mini Illuminated Pet Collar


Skamper Pet Pool Escape Ramp

The perfect escape ramp in case your pup can't get out of the pool on their own!
Pet can scamper up the perforated ramp to safety...

Nightstand Dog House

This is the nightstand with integrated sleeping quarters for a dog. Eliminating the need for a standalone pet bed, the dog house nightstand blends into bedroom decor and has a door that provides dogs access to their own sleeping space...

Metropolitan Pet Bunk Bed

An innovative bunk-bed for single and multiple pets. Great for the city life, but also very functional and fun for any home...


Dogs live relatively simple lives. They look forward to: walks, playing, petting, sleeping, and eating...

Microchip Activated Pet Feeder

This is the lidded pet bowl that automatically opens only when the intended pet approaches, preventing access to other dogs or cats. The included microchip tag attaches to the pet's collar and transmits an infrared signal that opens the lid of the bowl when the pet is within 2'...