Dog Beach Cabana

Cabanas are pet sun tents that set up in seconds to keep pets shaded and cool in the hot sun. Each sun tent folds for storage in the included travel bag.

Provides great shade for pets on the beach, at the park, or anywhere there’s sun. Lightweight, portable tent sets up in seconds and collapses into the included travel bag for easy storage.

Mesh windows on each side let in air to keep pets cool. Durable, easy-to-clean polyester nylon design. Cabana measures 33"L x 33"W x 28"H.
Material: 100% Polyester Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Caution: This cabana is designed to spring into the open position. Use care when folding and unfolding this cabana.

1.Hold the cabana from the bottom with the opening facing away from you. Your hands should be gripping the sides where the two frame poles cross each other.

2.Fold the cabana in half by twisting it down and in with your left hand, while keeping your right hand steady.

3.Once the cabana has been folded, flip it over so that the bottom of the cabana is facing down. Adjust the folded cabana so that the frame poles on each side are matched up with each other.

4.Fold the cabana in again by twisting the left side down and in while holding the right side steady.

5.Place the folded cabana inside the included carrying case and zip closed. This cabana includes two ground stakes that can be used to secure it in place. Slot the stakes through the loops at the bottom of the cabana.
 Our Price: $49.00 
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